Monthly Archives: September 2011

I had the pleasure of photographing Lynfield College’s ball this year. It was held at the Auckland Museum and was a huge success. I was the only photographer present so I worked very hard to capture all the important parts of the evening like the arrivals, formals, dance floor, prizegiving and also some general candid shots too.I had a great night and I really look forward to photographing next years ball too. See you then:)

Westlake Year 13 had their school ball at the Sky City Convention Centre. With some 850 students present you need a big venue to be able to handle the numbers. It was a great night for all attending. The decorations were great as was the dj and the lighting. But the stand out in my opinion was the 3 photographers that worked diligently photographing and capturing all the special moments from the evening and here is a small selection from the night…….And then the night really started to kick off. I know that students love the dance floor shots and I think I have mastered capturing them so that there is lots of atmosphere and great lighting.I also know how important the formal photos are to all students as well which is why I supplied 2 photographers stationed at separate backdrops to cover it properly.Thanks to Jane and Christine for giving me this opportunity. I look forward to working with you both again for next years Westlake Year 13 School Ball.

Westlake Girls Year 12 School Ball was held at the Ellerslie Convention Centre. Once again it was a great event that was well managed by the school ball committee and staff alike. I had a great time capturing all the candids while my other photographer (jeremy) captured all the formals. Here’s a small selection of what is possible.A big thanks to Aimee and Maureen and thank you for your support and entrusting me to capture this special evening. See you both next year:)

I had the pleasure of photographing Northcote College’s School Ball this year. It was held at the Rendezvous Hotel in central auckland city and what a great night everyone had. The school ball committee had a put a lot of effort into making the entrance look outstanding…..At all school balls I shoot I have at least 2 photographers and sometimes 3. The benefits of having 2 photographers is that one photographer is capturing all the formal against the backdrop and the other photographer (me) is roaming capturing all the candids. So the arrivals, dance floor shots and everything in between.
A big thanks to the school ball committee and Mike Dudley for allowing me to capture your special evening. I look forward to capturing it next year for you too.

I travelled to Megan & Dave’s home for this shoot. I take a portable studio basically so that I can capture images required with the right equipment. One thing I have learned over the years is that you have to be patient with children. You can’t force them to do something they aren’t keen to do. Bribing is something that happens as parents we know that it can work and in situations like this can be quite handy.I had so much fun photographing your family. It was lovely to catch up with you Megan and so pleased that you and your family are all doing so well:)

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